My Story

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”

– Robert Collier

Hey there! Welcome to my website! My name’s Dyana and I’m an Always About Health, nut! 

Wanna know what my time is spent on outside of my day job? It’s researching current trends in diet, exercise, and nutrition! Why? Because I’m hoping to help others just like you enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

Trust me, this isn’t just a hobby. It’s an obsession to continuously find healthy alternatives to the poor choices we make! As you look around my website, you’ll notice many different strategies you can use to optimize your health.   

What’s my story? I’m a die-hard researcher, writer, and entrepreneur! I’m a self-published author and have written guides on healthy eating, how to be a creative writer, and reasons why you should own your own business. 

I believe there’s a creative genius in all of us! It’s how you chose to funnel your creativity that’s important to achieve your goals and dreams! 🙂

My background includes being an owner of a restaurant and bakery. When I was in business, I made a point to offer healthy alternatives to the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to my customers.

Let’s face it, almost everyone struggles to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. So, I was on a personal mission to offer my customers healthy and tasty low sodium, sugar, and fat choices, so that every dining experience met their ultimate expectations! 

Later, I went back to school and passed the state exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. My studies were mainly in diet and nutrition. I began creating meal plans tailored to my patient’s dietary needs. Through this, I’ve helped many people change their eating habits. 

That’s the reason I created “Always About Health”! It’s also a reflection of me! I, too, have dealt with many health and weight issues most of my life. And, I’m the only person I know that works at being healthy on a constant basis! 

That’s why my website will be a valuable resource for you. Researching healthy remedies and recipes is something I love to do and if I can spread some wisdom to others about what I’ve been able to find, the reward is priceless!

And, best of all, the information I share is absolutely free to you! I will never ask you to buy anything! Every week, I’ll have different posts about things you can do to optimize your life! 

Welcome aboard, my friend, it’s great to have you! Anytime you want to contact me with questions, just subscribe to the site and leave a comment. I respond to every one! 

Healthy wishes,


This is a health-related site for information purposes only. The contents of my blog articles are MY opinions only, and not that of a doctor or any professional medical organization. I present my opinions in the form of articles to give people information I have gathered from research and for entertainment purposes only. Further, the information I present should not be seen by my readers as any form of medical or legal advice, and I cannot be held responsible should the reader chose to treat it that way. I reserve the right to change the content of my blog and how I manage my site at any time.


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