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Fast And Easy Tips For Improving Your Memory

The human brain has the extraordinary ability to alter and change its general health, including increasing memory and cognitive function, even as we age.

There are connections in the brain that perform amazing tasks to increase the health of the neurons and receptors located in various parts of the brain. If you follow a daily regimen of certain exercises, you can naturally increase your brain’s ability to memorize more information and recall it faster. The process of improving your brain’s memory and conscious behavior patterns is called Neuroplasticity.

With the natural process of Neuroplasticity, the brain can readapt when it comes to memory and learning. You can “train” your brain to enhance your cognitive awareness, increase your learning capacity, and improve your memory.

6 tips you can practice to improve your memory:

  • Read, read, and read more: Every moment that is not filled with activity, you should pick up a magazine, a book, a newspaper, and read as much of the contents as your time will allow. This is an excellent practice to follow while you are waiting to see the doctor, having your vehicle serviced, and sitting in the barber’s chair.
  • Physical exercise: Aerobic exercise is great at keeping the blood pumping to the brain. It doesn’t need to be high-impact aerobics either. Any physical activity that raises your heart rate is all it takes. A good rule-of-thumb is that anything that is good for your heart is good for your brain.
  • Try new activities: Over time, your brain becomes accustomed to the activities you do on a daily basis. The problem is that these activities become routine, needing little to no creativity to perform. Because of this, the brain stops working hard to figure things out, rearrange things in a more sensible pattern, or to alter the way a certain activity is performed. In other words, the brain doesn’t attempt to “change it up” and continues to perform the same mundane task the same way every time. You can start changing the way you do things, the way you accomplish certain daily tasks, and try to think of more creative ways to engage in the same activities your brain is used to.
  • Brain games: If you have never done a crossword puzzle before, now is the time to try it. Try your hand at Sudoku which is a game involving a series of numbers. Any game that solves a problem or puzzle will help to strengthen your memory and regenerate new, healthy neurons.
  • Get enough sleep: I know that every health-related article stresses that you should get plenty of sleep, but, it makes sense. Your brain has to shut off and lay dormant for a 6-8 hour period to rejuvenate itself. Getting proper sleep is extremely important to overcome brain fog and keep you revived and ready to tackle your daily tasks.
  • Make time for socializing: Having friends and family to interact with makes a big impact on your brain’s ability to function at its optimal level. Having discussions about various topics, tossing around new ideas, listening to someone else talk about their day, and laughing are all wonderful ways to strengthen your brain’s memory and capacity. A good habit to get into is to make a point to converse and interact with someone daily, if possible.


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