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10 Major Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

What is Activated Charcoal and how does it work?

It’s a naturally porous substance with antibacterial and highly absorbent properties and comes in pill or powdered form. It traps toxins in its millions of tiny pores and absorbs them to later exit the body through natural means. It’s also a powerful antidote that absorbs some chemicals or poisons before they get the chance to do any harm to the body.

In fact, you will find activated charcoal in hospitals today because doctors use it in the treatment of patients who have overdosed, ingested poisons, or as a natural way to detoxify the body. The charcoal binds to toxins and chemicals and draws them out of the body in a safe and natural manner.

Because activated charcoal is all natural, it has external skin benefits as well. You will find activated charcoal in many skin products designed to reduce acne, cleanse skin and remove bacteria, reduce fine lines, and produce a healthy glow to the skin.

It is important to be sure the brand you use is made from natural ingredients such as coconut shells or identified wood species with fine grains such as pine, birch, walnut, and red oak.

What are 10 major benefits of activated charcoal?

  1. Whiter Teeth

One of the greatest benefits of this beautiful black powder is to whiten teeth! It reduces bad breath, balances your pH level, and helps to prevent cavities by absorbing the plaque which builds up on the surface of the teeth. It also removes stains caused by coffee, cigarettes or wine.

Activated charcoal is an anti-inflammatory agent so it helps to calm oral inflammation and aids in strengthening the gums. Many natural toothpastes contain it because it can help to bind bacteria or any other harmful substances and remove them from the mouth.

However, natural toothpastes are pricey. So, to save some money, just dip the tip of your toothbrush in the powder, add your favorite brand of toothpaste, and presto, you have an instant teeth whitener for a fraction of the cost!

  1. Purified Water

Activated Charcoal is used in water filters because of its ability to remove any substance that can contaminate water. It traps pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals, preventing them from flowing into the water we drink. It also helps to eliminate fluoride which is a chemical in tap water known to be capable of causing severe health problems. These health problems include crippling bone disease, severe arthritis, and severe dental fluorosis, a disease that permanently damages the enamel on the teeth.

  1. Skin cleanser and moisturizer

Activated charcoal has long been touted an essential skincare ingredient. It’s contained in many skin cleansers and moisturizing products. You can also find DIY recipes and create your own skin cleanser and moisturizer to help with a clearer complexion and smoother skin.

As a natural and gentle bacteria remover, it’s a great exfoliating agent! Add it to your favorite moisturizing cleanser and you’ll see an instant glow on your face after you wash!

It also balances the skins pH levels and minimizes skin pores which help to prevent acne breakouts.

Try a teaspoon full mixed with your favorite moisturizer for a skin softening face mask. Wait 20 minutes, and simply rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  1. Reduces acid reflux

Activated charcoal has been proven to enhance digestive function and minimize acid reflux. It aids in relieving gas and bloating caused by various foods.

How it works is by binding to the gas-bloating byproducts in foods that cause the discomfort and bloated feeling. Bloating and gas are substantially reduced, preventing the eventual reflux of air and acidic bile.

Prior to consuming a gas bloating meal, drink an 8-ounce glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of activated charcoal. You don’t need much to eliminate the gas. Then follow with another 8-ounce glass of water.

  1. Treatment for insect bites

A little-known fact about activated charcoal is that it can be used on insect bites, poison oak blotches, or snake bites. It relieves the itch and discomfort by absorbing the bacteria associated with the bites or poison. It’s a handy topical treatment that works until you can seek medical attention if needed.

  1. Air Purifier

Activated charcoal is a very effective air purifier. It can be used to remove unpleasant odors from your refrigerator, bathroom, or anywhere in your home. This is because the negative ionic charge of charcoal attracts more irritating ions in the air like microfibers, dust, and pollutants.

It’s perfect for those who suffer from indoor allergies and for people who suffer from asthma.

  1. Remedy for toxins and poisons

As discussed earlier, another important benefit of activated charcoal is counteracting the effects of poison in the body. If you take activated charcoal immediately after ingestion of poison, it can help to absorb all unwanted substances in both the stomach and intestines.

Substances like mercury, most organic compounds, pesticides, fertilizers, and bleach, bind to the surface of activated charcoal. This allows for immediate elimination and it prevents the body from absorbing it even after it finds its way into the bloodstream.

  1. Treatment of mold and mildew

Activated charcoal is also useful when toxic molds infiltrate the body. When a mold is present in our system, depending upon the quantity, it can cause unexplained bouts of depression, eye irritation, vomiting, headaches, and brain fog.

In more severe cases, mold can result in kidney failure, heart disease, impaired immune system function, and severe respiratory distress.

Toxic molds are sometimes unavoidable as a result of floods, small leaks in the house and poor ventilation, so taking a small amount of this miracle powder every day as a supplement will help to eliminate any toxic buildup in the body.

  1. Anti-aging

It’s an unfortunate fact that aging is a natural part of life. But the exposure of toxins in the food we eat and in our homes and environment can cause premature aging. Activated charcoal has been proven to absorb these toxins in both the kidneys and liver while also supporting healthy adrenal glands.

We know that one of the most important major organs in our body is the liver. It is the end all-be all place where everything introduced to the body goes to find a home!  Using activated charcoal regularly, either in powder or pill form, helps the liver to flush out any stored toxins or chemicals capable of causing illness or disease.

  1. Reduces High Cholesterol

Another important benefit of activated charcoal is it has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. A daily dose of activated charcoal prevents abnormal hardening in the coronary blood vessels and arteries and has been proven to be extremely heart healthy!

Again, a little goes a long way. Simply mix a teaspoon with 8 ounces of water and drink this twice a day. Always follow with another 8-ounce glass of water.

There are many more benefits of activated charcoal, too numerous to list here, but this is a great start to understanding this powerful black powder!

Remember, not all activated charcoal is beneficial to the body. Only charcoal that is derived from coconut shells or wood with ultra-fine grain, such as pine, birch, walnut, and red oak, are recommended for safe use. The one I use daily is great and very inexpensive if you buy it on Amazon.

The link to it can be found here:

When the activated charcoal consists of these ingredients, it’s sometimes thought of as the key to youth and overall body health!


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