My Story

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”

– Robert Collier

Hello, my name is Dyana Santangelo and I reside in the Charleston, South Carolina, area with my two rescue dogs, Missy and Minnie. Nearly all of my free-time outside of my day job is spent on the computer researching current trends in diet, exercise, nutrition, and mental health, and blogging about my findings hoping to help others enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This is not just a hobby for me, rather it’s an obsession to continuously find healthy alternatives to the poor choices we tend to make. 

In addition to health research, I’m constantly looking for legitimate work-at-home opportunities and side hustles. My goal is to help others enter the wonderful world of entrepreneurship and to experience the joy of being their own boss. With this blog, I intend to help as many people as I can with their health and wealth situation.  

I have been a die-hard researcher, writer, and entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’m a self-published author of a fiction novel called “Hidden Rage”, and have written several guides on healthy eating, creative writing, and small business ownership. I believe there is a creative genius in all of us. It’s how you chose to funnel your creativity to make needed changes in your life, both in health and wealth, that’s important to achieve your goals and dreams.

My entrepreneurial background includes being an owner of a full-service restaurant and later, a full-service bakery. While in business, I made a point to offer healthy recipes to my customers. I displayed special boards that I used to promote healthy alternatives to the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner options contained in my regular menu.

Let’s face it, almost everyone struggles to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. So, I was on a personal mission to offer my customers healthy alternatives to the burger and fries, the full-fat milkshake, and the sugar and fat laden donut or muffin. I responded to the different needs of my customers simply by offering tasty gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free, alternatives so that every dining experience met their ultimate expectations. 

After selling my restaurant and bakery, I went back to school and passed the state exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. My studies were primarily concentrated on diet and nutrition and physical and occupational health. Creating meal plans to accommodate many different dietary needs is my specialty as a CNA. I have helped many people change their eating habits based on their specific dietary needs. I have also helped them overcome many common ailments through natural remedies. 

I can’t stop the ideas that constantly flow through my mind about how I can help the next person enjoy an optimum lifestyle. It may be a weight problem, a health problem, or a combination of both, but, most people can manage their weight and health with some simple changes to their current diet.

I decided to create this site and start this blog because I am also a person who has dealt with weight problems and medical issues all my life. And, I’m the only person I know that works at being healthy on a continuous basis. But, we are dealt the hand we must play in life and some health issues are often out of our control.

I know that reading about how to conquer weight problems, how to live with certain medical conditions, and how to try to be healthy overall, is very time consuming and cumbersome to most people. There is endless information on the internet about diet and health and it can be extremely overwhelming to sift through. 

In addition to dealing with diet and health problems, we are often faced with financial difficulties and are constantly searching for ways to bring additional income into our households. Many times, we spend hours researching only to end up suffering information overload. We are forever looking for the quick fix to our financial situation and more often than not, we are unable to find it. We tend to get discouraged and resign ourselves to accept our financial condition as is and completely dismiss continuing the search for ways to improve it.

That is why my website will be very helpful to you. Research is something I love to do daily. I have learned to quickly weed through information and determine if it is useful or not and move on. Through this ability, if I can spread some wisdom and knowledge to others about what I’ve been able to find through my research, the reward is priceless.

Every week, I’ll have a different post about things you can do to optimize your life. This will include weight management, mental and physical health management, financial health management, and healthy choices to make to improve your body and overall well-being. I am not here to force you to change your current habits completely, rather I just want to shed some light on how making minor “tweaks” in your current eating and lifestyle habits will benefit you in the long run. 

Welcome aboard, my friend, it’s great to have you. At any time that you wish to contact me with any questions, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment. Just so you know that if I don’t have an immediate answer, you have an avid researcher on your side that will provide the answer as quickly and as detailed as possible.

Healthy wishes,


This is a health related site for information purposes only. The contents of my blog articles are MY opinions only, and not that of a doctor or any professional medical organization. I present my opinions in the form of articles to give people information I have gathered from research and for entertainment purposes only. Further, the information I present should not be seen by my readers as any form of medical or legal advice, and I cannot be held responsible should the reader chose to treat it that way. I reserve the right to change the content of my blog and how I manage my site at any time.